CB & Wolf: Two Foul-Mouthed Fuckers

Alright fuck-sticks, CB here with the WOLF! (UGH! You know I hate sharing the goddamn spotlight!) We're bringing this shit from across the borders... Yeah, did I mention HE totally thinks he's soooo fucking cool because he's from Canada. Shyyea right, everyone knows that Kansas is where all the real BADASSES hang out!

I found WOLF (and I totally did find him, HE did NOT find me!) through Kelly at Psycho Carnival. Kelly has a really mean looking clown guy on his blog. You should check that shit out! The WOLF would post all these ass-baggish comments that I had to follow with something WAY more witty and exciting. Hey, that's how I roll douche-bags!

Eventually I was forced to go creep HIS blog , because by God he is way too fucking awesome to grace CB's blog FIRST!!! (Oh the shame!)

And fuck me running backward- the bastard was good. I mean fuck-ing good... ALMOST as good as the Crazy Brunette. Come on, let's be realistic and just ADMIT that nobody tops CB! Are you fucking kidding?

If you attached a cock to me... I did NOT say "insert a cock" you pervy fucks... ATTACH! You'd get HIM. I know right? I'd still have bigger balls than him, but we'll give him a pass on that one.

Hope you fucks are ready for a wild ride...

Hey fuckers it's The Wolf, now CB might complain because were sharing the spotlight on this blog..............well too fucking bad, suck it up princess and make me a sandwich, extra mayo, and one fucking pickle please. I am Canadian after all and we tend to use manners, were also bigger and on top so technically if this was prison you'd be my bitch.

I honestly can't remember who checked out who's blog first so I'll go with what CB said. What I do know is that we found each other through Kelly's blog (Psycho Carnival) and it was her genius idea to collaborate and create this blog.

When I went to CB's blog for the first time I wasn't sure what to expect, until I started reading. Immediately one word came to mind.....DAMM, then I stopped looking at her pic and actually read the text below, and it's fucking outstanding. This is one CRAZY FUCKING CHICK, and was immediately hooked on her wild antics and no holds barred outlook. This chick is one ballsy bitch who isn't scared to leave you in a puddle of you're own urine while you hide under a table waiting for the bad girl to stop. Needless to say her blog is fucking good, ALMOST AS FUCKING GOOD AS MINE........ALMOST.

As far as INSERTING.............errr I mean ATTACHING a cock and getting me, I prefer to think of it as us being two sides of the same coin. Let's face it that would be pretty fucked up if I were her with a dick, mind you I would look pretty good in a dress.

Remember kiddies to take some time and visit Kelly's blog, after all this blog wouldn't have happened otherwise, so pay you're respects.

So now that you're here let the good times roll..............THAT'S AN ORDER.


  1. lol you ain't got nothin on CB, just sayin

    welcome dude!

  2. I am here! Now the party can fucking begin! Great idea guys!

  3. CB here (duh right)-
    Awwww, Ian! I really do heart your face fucker!!!!

    Jayme- Shhhyea bitch!!!! Did you bring the Vodka hoe?

  4. If you two ever get tired of living in Kansas, come to PA! I swear you'll turn these hillbilly's lives upside and actually bring their reality into the 21st century! If you lived next door...OH THE FUCKING PARTIES!!!

  5. Did sombody say vodka ??? Now Tequila that's what we need to get a fucking party started, that and possibly explosives, mabye even a midget or two.

    Also a big hello to Ian and the Random Blogette from the Great White North.

  6. "Bitching without Borders"
    I LOVE IT!
    Wish I had come up with that one myself........

  7. My fellow Canadian Bad Ass!!

    I'll be following along with this blog for sure!!

    *Raises a cold Canadian to you*


  8. @ Reener I've never been to Kansas or PA me thinks though one of these days I'll have to take a road trip down there.

    @ McGriddle Pants, glad you like it

    @ BRay ahhh Canadian the beer of the gods, I raise one to you as well my fellow patriot. I'll be sure to check out you're blog and follow as well

  9. Reener- He lives in Canada!! That's why he thinks he's soooo incredibly cool!!

    Wolfy- Uuuum you know I don't do Tequilla!!! I will be falling ALL over the place and end up dancing on the table!!

    McGriddle- That was ALL the Wolf!

    B-Ray- Oh fuuuck me! Now we have another Canadian in the mix!

  10. CB I don't think I'm incredibly cool, I fucking KNOW IT, it even says it on my resume. And be careful dissing Canadians CB were not all smiles and sunshine you know :)

  11. roflmao...usa is canada's bitch if this were prison...that's hot. Ride us Wolf!

  12. Oh yeah, I'll totally link you up on my site... as if there was any question. Double the CB, double the fun. And hey, nice to meet ya, Wolf!

  13. I am fucking looking forward to the ride!

  14. Wolf- Kansan's aren't rays of fucking sunshine either baby!

    Stacie- That WAS hot right?????

    Bluz- And that my friend is why YOU kick ass!

    Michelle- It'll be well worth it bitch!!!!

  15. @ Stacie's Madness I'll do more then ride it, Ill make it wear a ball gag and scream my name as pull it's fucking hair........cause I'm a gentlemen of course.

    @ Bluzdude nice to meet you too thanks for stopping in.

    @ Michelle Pixie it's gonna be a fucking good time had by all.

  16. I'm here! I told you I'll follow.

    You're welcome. Haha!

  17. The Canadians are taking over bitches!!!

  18. @ Wolf....oh WHOA...*fans self*
    you're speaking MY language.

  19. Gnetch- I LOVE you hooker face!

    Bray- Fuuuuck. Are you fucking kidding me?????

    Stacie- Right???? He knows how we like it!

  20. Hey Wolf and CB... Great start to a great blog. I'll put your button/badge up on my site when I'm through here.

    Just want to say Thanks Mucho! for the shout outs and linkage from both of you. Your one up-man ship stuff is funny... Who's better than who and all that silliness. Funny shit!

    Well, I gotta finally write a post of my own someday but I'll be back, of course. Take care, both of you.

  21. I laughed, I cried, I took an asprin. I feel better now. A crazy Kansasan and a Canook, how a_boot that ay!

  22. Mike it's pronounced eh not ay though you get an E for effort though. Just please don't ask me if I know Bill from Toronto there's almost 8 million people there :)

  23. Of course Wolf it is eh. How silly of me. I grew up in Rochester, NY just 40 miles(69km) across the lake from Canada. I do like Canadians and had many of them that escaped Canada as friends.

  24. Didn't you know Mike they didn't escape it's all part of a highly secretive plan to invade the U.S. They were part of the first wave, why do you think William Shatner is down there, his rugged good looks and acting talent...........HA, fuck that he's leading the charge. Soon all you fuckers down their are going to be forced to love hockey, eat maple syrup, and say touque MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA......Oh shit I told you fuck.

  25. I don't know why, but I'm following you two asshats. You better entertain me. Just sayin'. LMAO.

  26. Momma-Because you fucking know I'm AWESOME as shit and you assume he must be too or I wouldn't be wasting my fucking time hoe!

  27. @ Momma Fargo entertain you? What are we fucking clowns............well mabye CB is. I am a professional, at least that's what the leprichaun who hides in my closet tells me......well that and to burn things :)

  28. Lord have mercy...If I keep reading this shit I'm totally going to lose my wholesome Southern persona! Christ Almighty I said shit in this. Damn, I did it again. And now I've said damn. Curse you...both of you...you're turning me bad! HAHA

    Great job guys. (Sorry I've just now gotten over here to see your new thing CB. What can I say? I'm busy. Now go take a Xanax and play with yourself!)

  29. Avery- been there, done that... Do it again tomorrow probably!!!

    You couldn't lose your wholesome Southern persona... You are just to perfectly sweet hooker face!