Who Will Prevail?

Hey fucktards... CB here, I'd like to address a situation that has been the continually discussed on several blog posts throughout the blogosphere recently.

Apparently, somewhere along the way WOLF, Max and Heckle have been brain-washed and/or mind fucked into believing that THEY will be the future rulers of the world.

Ha! Well, I hate to be the barer of bad news (I know right? Call Bullshit!) But, Gnetch and I have had this shit in the bag since DAY ONE. It was our master plan months and months ago to take over the world!!!

Let's look at the facts shall we?

You have a Rebel Slut, Prom Queen and an Angry Asian chick. Too put it simply and in terms that you fucktards will understand...

You. Ain't. Got. Shit. On. Us.

No fucking way in hell people will choose a crazy, ex-amry freak, a little devil who runs around asking gorgeous Brunettes to touch his tail. (I said just the tip Max! Get off me!) and an evil fucking assbag... over TWO HOT BITCHES that can rock the shit better than anyone I know.

So, you guys are fucked harder than the Prom Queen a week before Prom trying to get votes. Oh shit, I was the Prom Queen...

Well well well if it isn’t our favourite cabbage smelling crazy chick. Wolf here everyone….. Can you honestly believe this bullshit CB and Gnetch taking over the world? Come the fuck on it’s time to take these kids to school. First off I’ve been planning world domination since I was 5.…..YEAH 5 FUCKERS, what can I say I’ve been dedicated to the cause. So this is before the two of them were in diapers, now I’ve been keeping this secret until recently because I didn’t want to let people know until it was too late.

Second who of all these fuckers has anything close to the experience and twisted imagination required to be a future world dictator leader…………YEAH ME AGAIN FUCKERS.

And third who has their very own secret volcano lair, henchmen, and sharks with fucking laser beams attacked to their fucking foreheads………………Well okay that’s Dr. Evil but he’s an ass pirate so fuck him. That guy is about as bright as a Zippo in a dark arena.

Now as for Max and Heckle I don’t know what their plans are but if CB and Gnetch are going to try some shit then I say the three of us combine our powers and kick some cabbage smelling and angry Asian ass, preferably kung-fu style with lots of explosions and really bad dubbed over dialogue.

Either way those fuckers are going down, so you might as well start addressing me now as El Presedente.


  1. Sorry wolf... but CB and Gnetch totally have this. I think the world could use a little feminine persuasion to get it's ass in gear. Besides... they can bribe their followers with the promise of tit shots. What do you have to offer? ;D

  2. Brittney- I know right?

    Princess- That's no shit! Like I want an ass shot of one of these fuckers! And unless they are built like Channing Tatum, then I don't want to see them naked either!

  3. I'm sorry, but the CB lives in Kansas. You know what else lives in Kansas?

    A shitload of nuclear fucking missiles, all tucked neatly into their silos.

    CB wins with a bang.

  4. I don't know where the fuck Wolf got this FANTASY that he can take over the world but let's allow him to enjoy his fantasy.

    Yes, CB and I have had this plan since DAY 1 and no one will ever stop us!!! Wolf said he was 5 years old before we were in diapers. Should we let a person who, in just a short time, will probably have to ambulate in a wheelchair due to old age? NO!!! We need some fucking fresh PROM QUEEN and ANGRY ASIAN to rule the world!!! Bwahahahahaha. (Ooops, I forgot my poise.) *evil smile*

    The prisons for Max, Heckle, and Wolf are prepared. So CB, should we allow them to have one final wish before their doom?

  5. Ok buddy. Bring on your fucking lit up sharks. CB is afraid of nothing and in fact would whip up a batch of shark soup and feed it to you with a fork. She will be the sole ruler one day. I bow down.

  6. @ PWT no need to apoligize, while I admit they do have certian "charms" that I don't, that's still hardly going to be enough to stop my plans to take over.

    @ Bluzdude nukes pukes whatever they don't have the parts to use them.

    @ Gnetch I'm 30 not 300 you fucker. Good luck on getting me into a prison, I don't care what you try your not going to fool me. THE WORLD IS MINE BITCHES MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  7. Middle Child don`t tell me your falling for their propaganda. Okay so ones an angry Asian, the other a crazy brunette......meh I was married to the queen of the crazy angry Asian bitches. She could tear both their heads off and use them as soup bowls, and I fucking married her and survived. If I can do that those two got nothing.

  8. Ha! CB & Gnetch would have had the bones of your crazy ass bride boiled and splintered before the honeymoon was over and they would have stuck them all over your fucking body like the soft voodoo doll that you are. Would have saved you from having to be married to a woman who scared you so much and also, if stuck enough times in your pea sized brain, you would have forgotten all about this crazy notion of world domination. Seriously, you came up with this idea just out of diapers and are now planning to take over a year or so before you return to diapers. Fuck. You should fear those two bitches and run as fast as your walker can go. CB and Gnetch did not come up with an idea, they were BORN to rule. Bow down. Weep. I pray for your sorry-ass licking soul.

  9. Oh Middle Child I havn`t giggled that hard since I was a little kid learning to make my own explosives.

    Now I`ll give credit where credit is due, and CB and Gnetch could be a power duo.....but it`ll take two of them to topple me. Born to rule my ass, and I bow to no one FUCK THAT SHIT I`M EL PRESEDENTE.........DEAL WITH IT.

  10. Silly me, telling you to bow down. You won't even have the opportunity cuz before your first knee hits the ground, you'll find yourself in a prone position with CB on one side of you neck and Gnetch on the other Each with the metal spikes of their fuck-me heels pinning you down at the base of your skull.

  11. @Middle Child: Ha!!! I now love you. Please take the quiz on how many Biebers you could take on so we can add up our results and beat Wolfy's 35!!!

    @Wolfy: Well, well, well... You're not 300?? Meh... You may be slightly older but CB AND I ARE IMMORTAL!!! No one can beat us, El Presidente. NO ONE!!!

  12. @ Middle Child yes silly you indeed. As for CB and Gnetch pinning me down with "fuck me" heels not gonna fucking happen.........well unless their both wearing corsets and holding whips, but that has nothing to do with taking over the world.

    @ Gnetch we'll see about that

  13. Hey wolf,...at least you'd be seeing stars!

  14. Well I go out to have a cigarette and come home to this shit??? FUCK ME!

    Gnetch- NOPE. No final wishes. Seeing us is their final fucking wish!!! I know right? What the hell was he even talking about? When we were in diapers? He was 4 when I was in diapers! Come on now!!!

  15. Middle Child- HA!!!! Will you be our campaign manager???? I don't know how I have lived my life all this time without knowing you!!!

    I MUST come and stalk your blog immediately!!!

    Wolf- If whips and chains are what it takes for you to see the error of your ways... Gnetch and I can have it arranged.

  16. CB. I will go out and smoke for you, as your loyal fucking servant. I can't return tonight as I need to go polish your crown. Sleep tight. Don't let the wolf bite.

  17. @CB: Whips and chains for Wolf is not enough. We need to put him where the ants will torture him while his hands are tied up. That's the best torture for him. And we won't have to break our nails doing that.

  18. Don't forget the powdered sugar. I know for a fact that ants just LOVE that white shit.

  19. I think Gnetch doesn't need a sidekick, she can rule the world by herself. Go Gnetch, goooo! You can do it! xD

  20. @MKL: Hahaha. You are officially the Torture Chamber Head!!! But I definitely need CB to lure Wolf and Max Evel into the torture chamber. They both want to do her so that would be pretty easy!! :D

  21. MKL- Hey cock sucker, I don't know who the fuck you think YOU are, but you can just shut the fuck up and kiss my fucking ass.

    In case you haven't noticed most people dont fuck with me and there is a goddamn reason for it. This is MINE and Wolfs blog. I love Gnetch very much. Don't fuck with a Crazy Brunette thats ragging and out fucking xanex you bastard.

    So refrain from making comments that make you sound like the slow kid on the back of the fucking bus with drool dripping out of your mouth.

  22. @CB: Haha. Don't worry. MKL is a bloggy friend. He's gonna be our bitch in no time!!!

  23. Gnetch- Yeah, I was just in a SHIT fucking mood last night!

  24. Whew, that's a relief. For a moment there I thought China was out for world domination!

    *breathing in and out*

    I'll sleep better tonight.

  25. she needs a spanking.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. This is for beautiful mouthy CB,and The angry, but really short KIM JONG IL Asian Gnetch.

    For FUCK SAKES !
    I just started following this site tonight .

    You two ladies are off your fucking rockers !
    I already rule my own fucking world.
    It's the Underworld,and it's my very own personal hell.

    You two... third world Nazi women can't even figure out You Tube, or even know how to drive,
    without running over mailmen ...what the hell is that shit all about ??

    If I wanted your world, I would take it !
    It's all tooooooooo simple!

    Oh ,and have I told you both how much I love you
    today ?
    You bring out my darkside .
    Now CB ,and Gnetch ... you may now piss off !

    I say that with love !

  28. CB honey. You know I got your back. Besides, read your Bible. We all know Max Evel gets it in the end. (Where he probably likes it)

    An aside to sage - I'll take that spankin'!

  29. Yes Middle Child it is where I like it ..."LIKE TO GIVE IT !"
    Bend over,and enjoy !

    As for the Bible...
    I read it for all the sex, and violence.
    I just can't put it down.

  30. Max- You fucking love me! Just fucking admit it and you can be my minion. I'll even let you keep your pitchfork... and I rather like touching your tail, so I MAY come visit you in the dungeon JUST to touch it. Only if you are good though and agree to do Gnetch and my bidding!

    Middle Child- I know right... The higher power you know. He totally likes it there!

    MAX- so instead of taking it... you give it huh? That Bible is just full of sex, drugs and rock n roll... How are we the only ones who see this??

  31. Typical call...
    When all else fails...It's time to throw out the ol' Max takes it up the ass shit !
    I'm not a gay demon, but I am willing to pitch
    a fork in your ass by request .

    Feel free to ask anytime.
    I'm willing !

    CB, I love ya kid, but I will never be anyone's
    Although, I would be more than happy to do Gnetch if asked nicely (looking forward to her response...LOL !) by you .

    Now put the duct tape back on your mouth,and rest it for a bit.

  32. Max- You may not refer the the future co-ruler of the world 'Kid'... You're probably not much older than me fucktard.

    I don't let people duct tape my mouth unless it some sex game that I'm into biotch!

  33. Hey C.B. - You want me to put Max in a 6 month time-out or just lock him in the closet for a couple days.

    Max - If you read further up on the comments, you will see what my girls do with a fork.

  34. I have to go with The Wolf on this one. I've already been given the post of "Happy Fun Concentration Camp Commandant". Check out the S.N.A.F.U. site comments about that detail. The position requires me to be dishing out some serious pain and mayhem on those idiots and assholes deserving of it. It sounded fun.

    But if the pay and benefits are better on your side, well, I'm open to the possibility. My resume for the position is quite impressive- as is my imagination. Heh heh.

  35. Hahahahaha CB, Thank you, I'll take the age thing as a compliment.
    Although I have to say, I've been around since Kennedy, and Monroe were doing the nasty.

    Middle Child ...
    I blow smoking fart rings in your face !

  36. Thanks Max! My complexion looks great now. Smooth as a baby's butt.

  37. um,,, when did all this world domination debate shit start? No fucking way anyone is overthrowing the Queen.. fuck that shit...

    but.,,, I will step down for a case of gin and the promise of world peace and National Hooker Day!

  38. Well hell no nobody will overthrow the Queen! Over my dead fucking body!

    If a case of Gin will get me the beer tab crown... WHY THE FUCK DIDNT YOU SAY SO BEFORE?